Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Arbor Guest House has a new Blog!

Welcome to our new blog. We are Dan and Candy and we invite you to stop by and see us whenever your in the Napa area. We have just remodeled our Inn with all new amenities, have a new WowiZowi Website and this new blog. Come stay with us when you're on your Napa Valley Wine tour and don't miss our award winning breakfasts.

You are always welcome at the Arbor Guest house, stop by and say hello!


  1. Candy,

    Wow Wee, me very impressed. Looks like u guys r doing quite well!! Its me Kathy. Thankx for answering my Classmates email. Boy, i would love to come on up and check ur place out. Is it for singles? as i am not attached to anyone at the moment! Lovely u guys.

  2. Wow is right! Just drove by your inn today and it looks just beautiful. Love the new website, too. I am so impressed by you both -- you have done an outstanding job and made a huge contribution to the bed and breakfast industry --


    Carol Balliett

  3. Things are going well here at the Inn. We finally have a break today. The weather is perfect

  4. Rainy day in April. Waiting for the warm days of Spring when the flowers bloom. Should be a great season. Come and join us

  5. The suns out and we're planting flowers and getting the garden ready for summer. Come join us for a glass of wine and relax under our Sequoia tree in the Gazebo

  6. LOVE all the pictures ( header and all!)
    ~FF Wifey